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Components sourcing for PCB Assembly

Hopetimepcb provide parts sourcing service, We order volume quantities if the parts in your Bill of Materials are common, and none remain in our inventory. If we generally keep your chosen parts in stock, you will pay little or nothing for these components. For uncommon parts listed in your BOM, we usually order 5% or 5 spare parts (depending on size and cost) to accomplish your order without missing parts or shortages due to manufacturing loss.We cover the cost of production loss on our end, so you never have to worry about paying extra. If we encounter any issues with BOM components,such as a large minimum order for a certain part, we will communicate with you to find the best solution.

How can I get a quotation for the components price?

1. Send the BOM list in Excel or CSV format to us

2. We will check if the BOM list include manufacturer names, part numbers,component descriptions, Reference Designators,and quantities.

3. We will Check and confirm on every details of the parts concerning price, quality and availability.what’s more,we will check If alternative parts acceptable?Does the main devices/components provided by yourside,while we source the rest for you?

4. Send quotation for confirmation

How do I need to supply my components?

1.Each bag, tray, etc. should be clearly marked with the part number, reference designators that is listed on your bill of materials.

2.Components which are sensitive to moisture or static must be packaged in compliance with their storage requirement.

3.SMT components provided must be sealed tightly or taped firmly. Sending them loose may cause components damage and the production delay.

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Kitting guidelines for components when PCB assembly