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Taking a PCB from layout to populated board requires 2 stages
1.To manufacture the actual bare PCB 
2.To populate it with components.
Click at here About the PCB Assembly process overview 

About the PCB assembly capabilities,We prefer to subdivides the directory structure into below units.
SMT Assembly,8000-10000pcs soldering pins per hour
BGA Assembly,Fine pitch BGA,QFN,Smallest 0201 package
Through-Hole Assembly,There are 4pcs of production line for DIP compoents
Mixed Assembly,Double-sided SMT/THT Assembly
Rigid Flex PCB assembly,Rigid-Flex circuit boards are composed of a combination of rigid and flexible circuit boards that are permanently connected to one another.
BOX build assembly,Providing with all of the detail services involved in a complete product assembly to model a box build assembly process to best serve the customers.
components parts sourcing,We will Check and confirm on every details of the parts concerning price, quality and availability.what’s more,we will check If alternative parts acceptable
COB Bonding Manufacturing
COB is a system where semiconductor dice are mounted directly on a PCB board and connected with either bonded wires or solder bumps.
SMT Stencil
,SMT Stencil is one form-stable templates to print solder paste onto the component pads of printed circuit board before the assembly
Click here for the equipments for PCB assembly

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