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PCBA prototype service

PCBA prototype is extremely important starting from designing to finished electronic product. It allows testing a given design to find out if it will work.

With our expertise and resources, we do everything for you from PCB(Printed circuit board) Prototyping, component sourcing, and PCB assembly under one roof. We can also assemble from kitted parts consigned parts if you prefer.Avoid the hassle of sourcing PCB components and focus on your design instead! Our procurement team will deal with as many component distributors as is needed to fulfill the procurement task in the best possible way! We will optimize the choice of packaging (cut tape, tube, bulk, etc.) versus quantity in smaller BOM(Bills of materials) to lower down total cost. We have the ability to cross reference parts including hard to find and obsolete items. We always purchase the part numbers and manufacturers specified in your BOM, so there is no danger of part quality issues caused by unauthorized substitutions. We never make any changes to your design without your express approval.

The total Turn-Key price will be the sum of the labour PCB Assembly/bare PCB manufacturing cost and components cost.

How do you order components for Turn-Key orders?

We order volume quantities if the parts in your Bill of Materials are common, and none remain in our inventory. If we generally keep your chosen parts in stock, you will pay little or nothing for these components. For uncommon parts listed in your BOM, we usually order 5% or 5 spare parts (depending on size and cost) to accomplish your order without missing parts or shortages due to manufacturing loss.We cover the cost of production loss on our end, so you never have to worry about paying extra. If we encounter any issues with BOM components,such as a large minimum order for a certain part, we will communicate with you to find the best solution.

What happens to the leftover components on Turn-Key orders?

We can keep your leftover parts in our inventory for your next order if you think these parts will be used again; otherwise, we can ship spare parts with your completed order so you have access to them for troubleshooting and repairs. For testing and evaluation purposes in your lab, you can also order the regular parts from us for free. Please don't forget to inquire with us when your PCBs are ready for shipment.

What do I need to send for a turn-key order?

1.BOM list (Bill of Materials), complete information in excel format. This document should include manufacturer names, part numbers,component descriptions, Reference Designators,and quantities.

2.Gerber files

3.Centroid Data (AKA Pick and Place or XY-Coordinate Data),This is the machine file, which should include: X, Y, Side of Board (Top or Bottom), and Reference Designator. machines to determine where each part should be located on the board.

4.Other requirements or assembly instructions if applicable

How should I kit parts if I'm submitting multiple orders?

1. Multiple kits can be sent in one package, but every package must be marked with each order number

2. Parts used on multiple jobs should be marked with a sticker to note they are shared

3. Make sure you provide 5% extra parts for each separate build

How do I need to supply my components?

1.Each bag, tray, etc. should be clearly marked with the part number, reference designators that is listed on your bill of materials.

2.Components which are sensitive to moisture or static must be packaged in compliance with their storage requirement.

3.SMT components provided must be sealed tightly or taped firmly. Sending them loose may cause components damage and the production delay.

Do you X-ray BGAs?

Yes. We also use X-Ray inspection for any lead-less IC pins and other parts that have leads which cannot be seen with a microscope.


Do you offer FCT service?
Yes,We offer Functional Testing (FCT) with its turn-key assembly services.
Functional testers typically use a computer that is connected to test points or a test-probe point in order to perform FCT. We determine if the boards pass or fail based on whether or not the test results meet the specified requirements by operating the software or firmware.
Functional testing is enabled by testing software, often referred to as firmware, and testing instruments such as digital multimeters, input/output PCBs, communication ports. Automated computer-based Functional Testing (FCT) is accomplished by assembly line operators who utilize testing software that interfaces with external instruments to monitor the devices under test.Our testing engineer will preview your requirements such as test scope and test instruction, design the test jig if necessary, set up the instruments, and prepare the test report form and design testing workflow.

Should you have any inquiry,Contact us through [email protected] or i[email protected],We will get back to you in our fastest time!

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