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3D printing material introcution of Metal

3D printing material introcution of Metal


--High machinability and ductility, good strength-to-weight ratio.
--Aluminum alloys have good strength-to-weight ratio, high thermal and electrical conductivity, low density And natural corrosion resistance. Can be anodized.

2.Stainless steel
-- High tensile strength, corrosion and temperature resistant.
--Stainless steel alloys have high strength, ductility, wear and corrosion resistance. They can be easily Welded, machined and polished.

3.Mild steel
--High machinability and weldability, high stiffness.
--Mild steels are low-carbon metal alloys offering good mechanical properties, machinability and weldability.At low cost. Can be carburized to increased hardness.

4.Alloy steel
--High strength and toughness, fatigue resistant.
--Alloy steels contain other alloying elements in addition to carbon, resulting in improved hardness,Toughness, fatigue and wear resistance.

--Low friction, excellent electrical conductivity, golden appearance.
--Brass is a metal alloy with good machinability and excellent electrical conductivity. Ideal for applications.That require low friction.


7.Tool steel
--High hardness and stiffness, abrasion resistant.
--Tool steels are metal alloys with exceptionally high hardness, stiffness and abrasion resistance. Suitable for manufacturing industrial tools.

--Excellent strength to weight ratio, used in aerospace, automotive and medical industries.
--Titanium is a metal with excellent strength-to-weight ratio, low thermal expansion and high corrosion.Resistance that is sterilizable and biocompatible.

--High-strength and corrosion-resistant nickel alloy.
--Inconel is a high-strength, corrosion-resistant nickel alloy. Ideal for aerospace applications.

--Magnesium is the lightest structural metal with high strength to weight ratio.

--Nickel alloy with a very low coefficient of thermal expansion.
--Invar is a nickel alloy with a very low coefficient of thermal expansion. Ideal for applications where high Dimensional stability is required, such as precision instruments, engines valves and large aerostructure molds.

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