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Common used 3D printing material introcution

Common used 3D printing material introcution 

1.Hard photosensitive resin-(Rigid resin)
--White color with excellent smothness surface and mechanical Strength.easy to polish, temperature resistance around 40°C
--Widely used In automotive, medical, consumer electronics and Other industrial fields
--Presicion:±0.1mm;Thinnest wall thick:0.5mm

2.Soft photosensitive Resin-(Flexible resin)
--Excellent precision and elasticity, white smooth appearance
--Suitable for making elastic stereoscopic prototype Or model, such as shoe mold
--Presicion:±0.1mm;Thinnest wall thick:0.5mm

3.Lasty photosensitive Resin-(Lasty resin)

--With good strength, similar to ABS properties, can withstand High temperature about 80°C
--Suitable for Prototype model, industrial components, Etc.
--Presicion:±0.1mm;Thinnest wall thick:0.5mm

4.Transparent photosensitive Resin-Transparent Resin
--With good strength and light transmittance
--Suitable for making all kinds of Prototype models Which those required transparency, such as glass Structure, etc
--Presicion:±0.1mm;Thinnest wall thick:0.5mm


--Nylon has high strength, good flexicity, low water absorption, Good dimensional stability and excellent mechanical properties. 
--Suitable for products with special requirements for Elasticity,flame retardant and insulation.Reminder:The surface with granular situation,For verify the appearance/ structure,resin 
material is Recommed.

6.Glass fiber
--surface with obvious granular situation , high temperature resistance,high Strength, better than Nylon
--Suitable for auto parts, electromechanical equipment, Mechanical parts, household appliances

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