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 What is Flexible FPC PCB?

Flexible FPC PCB is a thin insulating polymer film that conductive circuit patterns are printed on and typically it’s supplied with a thin polymer coating to protect the circuit.It was originally designed as a replacement for traditional wire harnesses. It is often used as connectors replace rigid printed circuit boards where high requirement on flexibility, space savings, or production constraints limit.

Advantage of Flexible FPC PCB boards:

1. Flexible PCB design and layout

2.Increase tde flexibility of connection compared witd mechanical connectors

3.More robust operating temperature range

4.Improve reliability and impedance control

5.Reduce size and weight

6.Flexible, space savings

7.Reduced wiring errors

8.Easier installation and service

9.Higher circuit density

10.Stronger signal quality

11.Improve manufacturing yield and reliability

12.Improve aestdetics of finished products


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