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  • Taconic PTFE PCB high frequency circuit board
Taconic PTFE PCB high frequency circuit board

Taconic PTFE PCB high frequency circuit board

  • Product No.:20218622238
  • PCB board thickness:0.5mm
  • Layer count:2L
  • PCB material:Taconic PTFE Material
  • Copper thickness:1OZ
  • Surface treatment:ENIG 2
  • Soldermask:NONE
  • silkscreen:NONE
  • D.K:/
  • D.F:/
  • Min trace/gap:/
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Taconic PTFE PCB high frequency circuit board 

PTFE is the abbreviation for Polytetrafluoroethylene.It's also called is a material known for its resistance to moisture, grease, chemicals, and oil. PTFE PCB features high lubrication, no adhesion, weather resistance, and high insulation.This material is used in the production of PCB ideal for electronic appliances.

Concerning the laminate cost of FR4, PPO and Teflon, FR4 is the cheapest one, while Teflon is the most expensive one. In terms of DK, DF, water absorption and frequency feature, Teflon is the best. When product applications require frequency above 10GHz, only can we choose Teflon PCB  substrate to manufacture. The performance of Teflon is far better than other substrates, However, the Teflon substrate has the disadvantage of high cost and large heat-resisting property. To improve PTFE stiffness and heat-resisting property function, a large number of SiO2 or fiber glass as the filling material. On the other hand, due to molecule inertia of PTFE material, which it is not easy to combine with copper foil, thus, it needs to do the special surface treatment on the combination side. Concerning combination surface treatment, normally use chemical etching on PTFE surface or plasma etching to plus surface roughness or add one adhesive film between PTFE and copper foil, but these may influence dielectric performance.