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  • Taconic TLY-5 RF pcb prototype
Taconic TLY-5 RF pcb prototype

Taconic TLY-5 RF pcb prototype

  • Product No.:202186223817
  • PCB board thickness:0.6mm
  • Layer count:2L
  • PCB material:Taconic TLY-5
  • Copper thickness:1OZ
  • Surface treatment:ENIG 2
  • Soldermask:NONE
  • silkscreen:NONE
  • D.K:2.2
  • D.F:0.0009
  • Min trace/gap:/
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Taconic TLY-5 RF pcb prototype

Taconic tly-5 contributes to excellent mechanical and thermal properties. Taconic tly-5 is dimensionally stable. They are appropriate for low layer count microwave designs. Taconic tly-5 has low moisture absorption.

Taconic TLY-5 benefits include:

  • Dimensionally stable

  • Laser ablative

  • Lowest DF

  • Uniform,consistent DK

  • High peel strength

  • Low moisture absorption

Because of it's optimized features,Taconic TLY-5 is frequently used in many applications,Sucha as satellite communications,Automotive radars and filters.
Moreover,Taconic TLY-5 can be best applicable for phase array antennas,avionics,couplers,filters,aerospace,power amplifiers,LNBs,LNAs,and LNCs.